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Apple Hev International ( Apple-Hev ) is a joint venture between Tokyo-listed company, Apple International Co., Ltd and Singapore Hybrid Electric Specialist, Hev Shop Pte. Ltd 

(hevshop TM is a brand by hev shop pte ltd)

The company is supported by our chairman, who is an ex-designer with Toyota Motor Corporation and headed in Singapore by experts with SAE International Credentialing in Advanced Hybrid  Electric Vehicle Diagnostics

our service centre 

We are Hybrid & Electric Car Specialists with

SAE International Credentialing in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Diagnostics

( *Society of Automotive Engineers International )

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Hybrid Battery
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Lexus GS450 Hybrid Battery
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Our Specialized Services


Hybrid Specialist Services

Kindly note that all prices quoted are before GST

Hybrid Vehicle Diagnostics Check

Using factory original software for 100% diagnostic accuracy

Quick & efficient full vehicle systems scan including hybrid system, components & hybrid battery check using factory original diagnostic software.​

This ensures your car is running properly & safely to assure your peace of mind from any unnecessary repair costs. ​


For Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Nissan Model 


SGD 120

Hybrid Battery Pack Replacement

3 Years Hybrid Battery Warranty (Up to 10 years on selected vehicle models) 

Experience greater savings when you replace your hybrid battery with us instead of the authorized dealer.

Our hybrid battery pack replacement service uses genuine parts with a dedicated warranty to guarantee you peace of mind when you choose us.​


We have ready stocks and much faster turnover times compared to the authorized dealer.




Hybrid Battery Protection Membership

Designed to provide you with the best cost savings while enjoying all our services!

Member Benefits:

  1. Complimentary Hybrid vehicle Health check and report 

  2. Hybrid Battery Replacement Special rebates & priority

  3. Special Servicing Packages

  4. Lifetime vehicle diagnostics support*

  5. Lifetime vehicle software upgrades*


SGD 300


Importance of Original JDM Factory

Diagnostic Software

Are you aware that:
1. Cars imported from Japan into Singapore by Parallel importers are mainly JDM ? 
(Japan Domestic Models)

2. They require original Japanese factory software for it to be serviced correctly.

3. We are fully equipped with these software to service your car!

ADAS Post- Repair Calibration Services

Lexus Safety System, Toyota Safety Sense C & P and Honda Sensing

Require Calibration post Windscreen replacement & accident Body repairs?


We provide 

Precision quality post repairs calibration / radar aiming

Please call 6352 9268 or Whatsapp for assistance



apple hev international pte ltd    

(a project of hevshop TM and apple international) 

Apple - HEV

Contact Us

Apple Hev International Center

@ 6352 9268

Click here to WhatsApp Us (24/7)

Technology Consultant

hybrid battery hotline

6352-9268  (E W Theophilus) 

24/7 Emergency / helpline: 6352-9268

Apple-Hev  Workshop / Service Centre

600 sin ming ave, level 3 service centre

citycab building, (STA inspection side)

singapore 575733


 Opening Hours:

 mon - fri      8.45 am - 6.15 pm

 sat.               8.45 am - 1.15 pm

 rest hour   12.45 pm - 1.45 pm

 sunday/ public holiday   

 (official rest day)

 outside office hours self-check-in

 key drop off box & car park space available


Booking & Drive-in all are welcome

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