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3 important reasons to give your Hybrid car the best care possible now!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

(Picture of Lexus Hybrid RX450h going through a hybrid battery pack check)

Your hybrid is a sophisticated yet excellent drive. But to keep it that way, proper maintenance and checks by hybrid specialists are required. This is to make sure your hybrid is safe to drive as well as performing at its best.

1. Save unnecessary repair costs

From our experience as hybrid specialists, many hybrid customers would have been able to solve those tricky hybrid car issues if they had the right specialist information given to them from the start. The problem starts when they are recommended by a non specialist, the wrong parts to be repaired ( which can be expensive and redundant). This is due to the usage of non-specialized tools and software that was used in finding the fault. As such, the hybrid owner would only feel frustration due to not being able to solve the problem on top of bearing the costs.

2. Keeping your hybrid system and battery in the best condition

(Lexus RX450 hybrid going through a hybrid battery replacement)

The main reasons we love driving a hybrid is due to the impressive fuel economy savings as well as the responsiveness and power of the hybrid. Now all these are attributed to the hybrid battery and hybrid system. If these are not properly maintained and checked by specialists, you would see these benefits getting smaller over time.

The photo below shows what happens on your dashboard when a hybrid is not properly maintained. This error code relates to the hybrid battery and hybrid system not functioning properly.

(Check hybrid system warning coming on due to improper maintenance)

Reduction in fuel economy savings as well as sluggishness of the vehicle are what hybrid owners experience due to a improperly maintained vehicle. Our hybrid specialists recommend that hybrid owners give their hybrids a full system check once in a while to ensure that their hybrid is working optimally so that you can reap the benefits of driving a hybrid.

3. Keep your loved ones safe while driving with you

Another key reason for giving your hybrid the best care is to ensure that your hybrid is safe to drive. Below is a vehicle service campaign issued from Honda for its Vezel Hybrid owners to come in for a service software update due to a fault in the vehicle stability assist software which affected braking performance, The solution would be to bring in the vehicle for a software updating service.

However, for parallel imported vehicles, it is near impossible to be able to get such a software update as it requires the Japan domestic software from Honda to perform such an update.

(screenshot of Vezel hybrid VSA service campaign taken from Honda jp website)

These updates are actually very common but unknown to buyers as they rarely go look at the manufacturer's web page for such information. Furthermore most are in Japanese which require translation to understand.

As hybrid specialists, we are capable of performing such software updates should you require the necessary help. This is as we are equipped with the Japan Domestic Model Manufacturer's Diagnostic Software which is 100% capable. This will allow you to drive safely and update your hybrid to the latest software version to get the best out of your hybrid vehicle!

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