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Buying a pre-owned car? Here are some tips for you.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Buying a pre-owned Car? The hevshop team would like to share some pointers. It is still possible to look for a good pre-owned car. however, one common mistake is to allow a “low odometer reading“ vehicle to cloud your judgement of the vehicle. It is best to check other physical signs.

1) Hoist up the car, do an under under carriage inspection, it is akin to a leg and foot wear of human, a well-travelled under carriage and suspension parts is very different from a low usage one

2) Check for sign of leaks and also sign of rectification

3) Check for wear on the brake disc rotor / brake pad. Hybrid vehicles run on re-generative braking system, so if a vehicle being inspected has very worn brakes, beware it is likely due to high mileage travelled

4) Check the Brake/clutch reservoir deep. Look inside the corner for any abnormal deposits, as flushing cannot hide away poorly maintained high mileage cars.

5) Look for a structurally sound car, paintwork correction on the dented body works is still fine

6) Do a complete system software diagnostic and pull out all the system data including hybrid system and battery pack condition, compare with a car with healthy data. (Once, with the consent of the car owner, a car with a 70,000 km odometer reading had the driving log file pulled out from the ECU, it was a shock to many, as it read 400,000 km plus plus)

8) General visual inspection on high touch areas, look for minute details

9) Check in the engine compartment area, there are too many differences between low and high usage vehicles, from noise level to every layout of components. This cannot escape an experienced eye

10) With engine running in maintenance mode for HV vehicle, check for abnormal noise on all working components

11) Check the condition of the windscreen, door glass and head lamps and all lighting lens which tends to be overlooked

12) Check the body panel alignment for any gaping

13) Finally it is important to go for a good test drive for a feel. A worn-out car sounds different from a low usage car. It is recommended to drive at different speeds and note the smoothness in the transmission shifts, take note of the noise level in the car.

14) Drive at slow speed on gravel surface for abnormal noise from the undercarriage parts such as steering and suspension parts

15) If still in doubt, we undertake an impartial pre- and post-purchase evaluation for Hybrid Vehicles. Have a peace of mind on your purchase, Happy motoring!

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