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Costly Hybrid Inverter / Converter damaged due to lack of Hybrid understanding.

Updated: 4 days ago

Through the daily dealings in the hybrid vehicle repairs here in Singapore, we wish to highlight a few costly mistakes which could have been avoided.

A general misunderstanding of the hybrid technology and thinking that hybrid car can be serviced like a normal car is itself a big mistake.

1) Parallel imported vehicles are usually JDM in nature (Japan Domestic Model that built in Japan) and come with Japanese language instructions on the instrument panel. There are warning signs, operation instructions and hybrid care which were not properly explained during car delivery.

2) A general lack of Hybrid knowledge with the sales channel and repair shops here worsen the situation too.

3) Many costly Inverter replacements could have been avoided if the driver knew what to do and did not ignore the warning signs when overheating occurs. As the hybrid system uses a separate cooling system, the vehicle can usually be driven again after the Inverter cools down. Prolonged driving with an overheating inverter would further damage it beyond repair.

4) Many hybrid vehicles come with Front and Rear Motors (E 4 wheels drive), some towing contractors do not understand the system well and they would tow it like a normal vehicle thus causing further damage to the hybrid system.

5) We discovered in many instances that an incorrect capacity Inverter cooling pump was used during replacement by a non-hybrid specialised workshop. This further damaged the inverter due to insufficient cooling.

Do call us when you are in doubt as we are here to assist you. We will continue to share hybrid related subject in this blog