FAQ on Hybrid Battery Replacement

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Replacing your hybrid battery pack is an important decision.

Check out our FAQ below to answer some of the top misconceptions to learn more about hybrid battery replacements so that you can make a better decision for your vehicle.

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1) Why you should choose the original genuine hybrid battery pack over the "OEM" hybrid battery pack? What is the difference?

Do not be confused by so called "OEM batteries" because they do not exist for hybrid battery pack. There are only cheap battery packs which are produced by 3rd parties in other countries which come in different form and shape and have lower capacity, power and energy level. These are not crash tested and present with fire risk as they are not meant to work well with the original hybrid system in your vehicle and will have lower fuel savings and performance.

Our batteries at hevshop are 100% genuine and coded with original factory production details. These are safe, crash-tested and made to the specification originally designed for your vehicle’s hybrid system.

Photos of original prismatic battery pack that have production serial:

2) Why are there still shops that offer cheap repair services for battery pack and changing cells or modules?

Changing modules and cells are the old concept to save on repair cost. This is only a temporary solution to eliminate the malfunction indicator light (MIL) from coming on. This temporary solution will cause undesirable outcomes due to the mixing of old modules that are though balanced in voltage but have issues with uneven capacity, power and energy level.

3) What is the difference between new and remanufactured batteries?

- New battery pack are 100% new genuine original from factory

- Remanufactured are also original and have about 80-90% of the New battery capacity, power and energy level

Hevshop provides both types with lifetime warranty option available

4) What does hevshop lifetime battery warranty mean?

In general, the remaining life of your vehicle COE.

5) Is hevshop lifetime battery warranty transferable?

Yes, with additional charges on case by case basis

6) What is the requirement?

The vehicles need to be serviced at every 10,000 km or 6 months interval for data read

7) What models do we cover ?

We cover most Lexus and Toyota model, please contact us for more details

LEXUS : CT200 UX250h IS300h ES300h NX300h RX400h/450h etc.


8) What is the turnaround time?

Most of our battery pack are tested and pre-installed to specification and ready for use,

We offer quick turnaround in just hours. Guaranteed to perform, safe, assured and with long warranty

9) Why choose us ?

Our parent company in Japan are closely related to the automotive manufacturers and our local partners are connected internationally to the latest battery technology and pioneer in the field.

We are the leading hybrid electric vehicle service center with SAE international credentialing from the U.S. with leader who is an ex-designer with Toyota Motor Corporation, leading in the hybrid electric vehicle technology.

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