• the hevshop team

FAQ on Hybrid Battery Replacement

Updated: Aug 29

For a peace of mind, replacing the right & correct hybrid battery pack for your car is important

Insist on original Toyota / Lexus factory Hybrid Battery Pack

Check out our FAQ below for some of the top misconceptions and to learn more about hybrid battery replacements so that you can make a better decision for your vehicle.

1) Why you should insist on the original genuine hybrid battery pack over the "OEM" hybrid battery pack? What is the difference?

Do not be confused by so-called "OEM batteries" because these do not exist for the hybrid battery pack. “OEM batteries” refer to cheap battery packs produced by 3rd parties in other countries. They come in different form and shape and have lower capacity, power, and energy level. They are also not crash tested and could pose as a fire risk since they are not meant to work well with the original hybrid system in your vehicle. Moreover, OEM batteries will have lower fuel savings and impact performance.

Our batteries at hevshop are 100% genuine and come with the original factory production details. They are safe, crash-tested, and made to the specification originally designed for your vehicle’s hybrid system.

Photos of an original prismatic battery pack that have production serial:

2) Why are there still shops that offer cheap repair services for the battery pack and changing cells or modules?

Changing cells or modules is an old school tactic used to minimise repair costs. It is only a temporary solution to prevent the malfunction indicator light (MIL) of your hybrid battery from appearing. This temporary solution will cause undesirable outcomes due to the mixing of old modules that are though balanced in voltage but have issues with uneven capacity, power, and energy level.

3) What is the difference between our new and remanufactured batteries?