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Free Vezel Hybrid VSA software update available! From 21 - 26 August Only

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Following the recent Vezel recall, Honda has issued yet another service campaign done for the Vezel to rectify the Vehicle Stability Assist System (VSA).

The service bulletin can be found on Honda's website, the link down below. However as it is mainly in Japanese, the hevshop team has decided to simplify the information down for Vezel owners.

What the service campaign is about:

(screenshot of the vezel service campaign summary on Honda's webpage)

The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system software has a flaw which will affect the braking performance of the vehicle.

The Vehicle Stability Assist system assists in stabilising the vehicle during cornering if the vehicle turns more or less than desired. It also helps you in maintaining traction while accelerating on loose or slippery road surfaces. It does this by regulating the engine’s output, and by selectively applying the brakes.

When VSA activates, you may notice that the engine does not respond to the accelerator in the same way it does at other times.

About 14,000 cars with these chassis numbers are affected!

Chassis numbers of affected cars are below:


The Vezels that are affected are hybrid only as the chassis numbers start from RU3. (Petrol models start with RU1)

How to solve this issue:

Solving this issue involves a very simple method, however it cannot be done by any workshop in SG. The way to rectify this issue in the Honda Vezel Hybrid is by using the manufacturer's factory software to rewrite the VSA modulator's fail-safe control program. This is done by a software update lasting an hour.

Good News for Vezel Hybrid Owners:

To mark the occasion of joint venture & technology collaboration between hevshop and its new public listed partner Apple International.

Hevshop will be providing free of charge VSA update for 1 week ( 21st to 26th of August 2017) only at its newly opened service centre.hevshop Sin Ming,

This is to benefit all Singapore Vezel Hybrid Owners due to its unavailability elsewhere in SG.

Besides the free software update, Vezel Hybrid owners will get a free vehicle health scan report too.

If you have a friend or family member driving a Vezel Hybrid, share this to them to keep them safe on our Singapore roads!

Update 1:

Due to overwhelming response, all our current slots are fully booked. We will be looking at a new promotional campaign the following week for VSA software update. Stay tuned!

*Update 2:

Due to overwhelming response, we have extended the VSA update at a very special rate of $80 (U.P $350) to help those who were not able to book their slots this week. This service will be extended to the 2nd of September, limited slots available!

Terms & Conditions:

1) Show that you have liked our hevshop Facebook page and shared this link with your loved ones when you come in for the update!

2) Advance booking is required at this link:

VSA Update Booking Here!

3) First Come First Serve Basis, while slots are available

Original Honda Japan Vezel Service Campaign Link

hevshop @ Sin Ming: 600 Sin Ming Ave CityCab Building 575 733

Contact Hotline: 6352 9268

Detailed directions can be found at this link: Hevshop Sin Ming Directions

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