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Going Green with Singapore First Hybrid Car Repair and Sales Center.

Updated: 4 days ago


Time to move onto an environmentally friendly car

The hazy days are gone. There were more discussions about the climate change and promise of more actions in Paris climate Summit.

It is time for action and do our part. Owning a car in Singapore has become part of our lifestyles.

Why not switch to a greener car whilst you can?

There was generally a lack of hybrid workshops to support the maintenance of hybrid cars. This is not the case anymore as HEV Shop has been set up with the purpose of servicing parallel imported JDM hybrid models,

Hev Shop started in 2013 with SAE** international credentialing program; able to service and repair Hybrid Electric Models especially with issues pertaining to the Hybrid Battery Pack. (**Society of Automotive Engineers)

Through the feedback of many Hybrid car owners, many are willing to switch to an environmentally friendly car. They are unable to get proper guidance and support after taking delivery of their cars. This stopped them from getting the maximum benefit out of their hybrid vehicles.

With the launching of the new 2016 fourth generation Toyota Prius , we consider it to be the most advanced in technology and efficient production model. We are collaborating with sale channels to do hands on demonstration and explanation in details how you can best benefit from this new technology. Driving the hybrid car the hybrid way.