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Heres how our specialists replace this Lexus Hybrid Battery on the CT200h

Updated: May 23, 2020

Always wondered how the hybrid battery pack replacement process is carried out? How long does it take? These questions will be answered by the team at hevshop, one of SG's leading hybrid specialists who will take you on this simple journey to show you how this cost efficient simple process is carried out on this Lexus CT200h.

Hybrid Specialist Job of the Day: Lexus CT200h

It usually starts with these infamous words...

When you get this on your screen, it usually means your hybrid battery is at the end of the road. This may result in being charged a tidy sum of you visit the agent/ authorized dealer, as well as having to wait for the battery stock to arrive. But not to worry, all it takes is just 4 simple steps for these hybrid specialists to give your hybrid a new life AND do it at a cost friendly fee.

Step 1. Lexus Hybrid first undergoes a Hybrid Diagnostic Scan

( Hybrid System original factory scanner)

Similar to an X-ray scan at the doctors, a hybrid diagnostic scan is first carried out using Lexus original factory software. This gives the lead technician information about the hybrid battery condition as well as any other underlying issues in the hybrid system. Hevshop relies on technology to be precise in their diagnosis, eliminating any unnecessary repair costs to the owner.

After the hybrid battery is confirmed to be the underlying fault, the technicians get to work to efficiently disassemble the rear compartment of the Lexus. You can see the hybrid battery pack in its protective enclosure just behind the rear seats.

(Lexus Hybrid Battery Pack)

Step 2. Hybrid Battery Pack is skillfully disconnected

( Hybrid Battery Pack High Voltage Wiring)

The high voltage wires have to be disconnected and the power switched off. The technicians use insulated rubber gloves to safely handle this procedure. All this is done while another specialist prepares the new Lexus Hybrid Battery to take its place, making this similar to a heart transplant surgery.

Step 3. New Lexus Battery Pack is installed

( New Lexus Battery Pack being prepared for installation)

After the hybrid battery pack is removed the new one is quickly installed and the high voltage wires are properly connected. The main technician checks to ensure the cables are all connected and properly insulated. The same full diagnostic scan is conducted again using the Lexus Original Factory Software to ensure all the systems are cleared.

(Hevshop specialists connecting the brand new original Lexus hybrid battery)

( Main Technician doing second diagnostic scan to check if hybrid system is cleared)

Step 4: Road Test

Even after thorough checks, the main technician still goes the extra mile to conduct a road test to ensure the battery is in optimal working condition. After meeting his satisfactory standards, the owner is called in to collect his vehicle.

These 4 steps actually take place within a few hours giving the hybrid owner the benefit of time, money and a dedicated hevshop warranty that guarantees the working condition of the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What other hybrid cars has hevshop repaired

Toyota, Lexus and Honda made. They have replaced many hybrid battery packs, e.g Lexus LS600h, RX450h, GS450h, Alphard, Vellfire and Estima Hybrid, Prius, Aqua, Honda Insight, Crz, Civic Hybrid, and many more.

2. What type of hybrid batteries do you use?

We use the original Lexus, Toyota and Honda Hybrid Battery Packs that we import directly from the original manufacturer. In addition we have a good alternative re-manufactured hybrid batteries pack that are 1/2 the price of the original, fully tested and proven.

3. What is the cost of the Lexus Hybrid Battery replacement service?

We recommend 2 types of hybrid battery replacement services depending on your needs.

- Should you wish to renew COE for your Lexus and continue to use it for a long period of time. We recommend:

Original Lexus Hybrid Battery Replacement Service

Recommended Retail Price from: S$ 3,980

The original Lexus hybrid battery will be as durable as the one in a brand new Lexus Hybrid and will give you the best quality assurance to renew your COE and use your car in the Long run.

- Should you wish to reduce your costs for your Lexus repair, and you are not thinking of using your Lexus for the long run ( e.g. renewal of COE)

We recommend:

Hevshop brand Lexus Hybrid Battery Replacement Service

Recommended Retail Price: S$ 1,980

This is our hybrid specialist brand hybrid battery made for Lexus Hybrids. This service is catered for Lexus owners who require a hybrid battery replacement at a lower cost. Hevshop guarantees the proper working condition of the battery with warranty provided.

4. Should I recondition my hybrid battery?

Our specialists strongly advise against reconditioning your hybrid battery.

Reconditioning the battery will not bring it back to its optimum state, especially in Singapore's hot and humid climate. This is because heat damage on the hybrid battery pack is irreversible, thus reconditioning has a much lower recovery rate.

5. Is the original factory software needed for diagnosis?

Yes. This is because hybrid vehicles are sensitive and complex to repair. Hence we use the manufacturer's original software to be fully compatible in the diagnostics and repair process. In fact, Parallel Imported ( PI ) cars use a different software than the local agent's, we have the capability to service and repair both Agent and PI type of hybrid vehicles.

Hevshop is proud to be the leading SG hybrid specialist.

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