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Hevshop Special: Honda Membership Drive!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

For a limited time period, hevshop is providing Honda owners a number of exciting benefits!

Join us as a HEV member during this promotional period and unlock these benefits on your very first appointment!

Additional benefits when you sign up today!

1) HEV - Honda Software Upgrade (Worth $300)

Want to improve the I-DCD driving experience of your Honda? Our specialists are here to help upgrade your Honda software to improve the smoothness and drivability of your car!

Honda I-DCD models : Fit, Vezel, Shuttle, Grace, Freed

These models utilise Honda’s intelligent dual clutch drive to power the vehicle. Our HEV-Honda Software Upgrade will be able to make use of the drivetrain’s features to improve overall performance!

2) P0420 Catalytic Converter Software Fix ( Worth $250)

One of the most common problems plaguing Honda Hybrids is the P0420 error code (i.e Catalytic Converter below Threshold!) This would cost roughly north of $1,000 to change the actual converter. Even after changing, there is still a chance that the issue will return. The root cause of the problem is the issue with the Cat Convertor sensor being too sensitive, causing the error code to trip.

Our hevshop specialists are able to solve this issue with our Honda original factory software update (worth $250), to update the catalytic converter sensor parameters (Still within LTA emission inspection guidelines).

3) Complimentary Brake Fluid Flush (Worth $50)

We would like to offer new members a complimentary brake fluid flush during this promotional period!

4) Additional HEV membership benefits

Our HEV membership encompasses a full suite of benefits ranging from software updates, complimentary diagnostics services and member rebates. Check out our full post here .

Our HEV specialists would love to meet with you and advise you better on your car’s maintenance. Book an appointment with us using the link below!

Membership fees for Honda and Toyota are $300 (excluding GST)

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