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Hot seat: this happens on 2nd row seat of popular model Honda Shuttle Hybrid

Updated: 4 days ago

The IPU & Hybrid battery pack fitted directly behind the rear seat of car.

We often heard of complaint from the popular Honda Shuttle Hybrid owner/driver about the heated second row rear seat.

We would like to share with all the owners/drivers out there and explain the symptom & what you should do about it.

The reason of this being that the hybrid battery cooling system was not designed for our old style of driving a normal petrol powered car. It becomes abnormal when a quick and fast pushing of the accelerator pedal instructs the system to draw high current from the hybrid battery pack. In turn it generates a lot more extra heat than the system able to handle. This issue becomes more acute with continuous long hours of driving.

As the hybrid battery pack are directly fitted behind the seat, the rear seat occupiers will definitely feel the heat. The extra heat generated will shorten the life of the battery pack and even cause it to fail early.

The correct way of driving a hybrid should be gradually applying pressure both ways with the accelerator pedal bringing up speed instead; releasing it gradually will benefit from the kinetic energy pushing the car forward and allowing regenerative brake to work at the same time. The car can be fast as the engine and motor power your way.

Happy hybrid motoring!

Changing of your driving style will help you a long way, many drivers since benefited.

*The picture above is one example of early battery pack failure.

FYI, The lithium hybrid battery pack will cost you around JPY 400,000 and only on one to one exchange at the moment with Honda center only.