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5 Instant Member Benefits From Our Hybrid Battery Protect Membership

Updated: 4 days ago

What is the Hybrid Battery Protection Membership Scheme?

Are you aware that it will be challenging whenever you have an issue with the hybrid battery pack, for instance when you need replacement for your parallel imported JDM Toyota Hybrid or Honda Hybrid Model vehicles? (such as Toyota Estima, Vellfire, Alphard, Noah, Voxy, Esquire, Sienta, Prius; Honda Vezel, Shuttle, Freed, Fit, Odyssey etc)

This is because it is only available to the authorized center on one to one exchange basis in Japan.

Our hybrid specialists are launching a JDM dedicated hybrid battery protection program that is specially catered to all JDM hybrid owners out there who wish to have proper maintenance and care on their hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid owners will be equipped with expert information on how to take care of their hybrid, the condition of the hybrid battery and how to better take care of their vehicle to reduce their unnecessary repair costs!

The new Hybrid Battery Protection program will allow hybrid owners to benefit from a variety of hybrid specialist services in its Specialist Service Center at Sin Ming.

5 Instant Member Benefits from the program

Hevshop is providing new members who join the Battery Protect Program the following attractive and instant benefits.

1) Complimentary JDM Hybrid Vehicle Health Check ( Worth $150 )

To allow owners to gauge the current status of their hybrid vehicle, hevshop will provide an on the spot full hybrid system scan with a detailed printout for your hybrid vehicle.

This will allow you to better manage the maintenance needs of your hybrid vehicle for free! *lifetime on the vehicle registered under the program

2) Lifetime JDM Hybrid Vehicle Diagnostic Support

Furthermore, as a Battery Protect Member, your car will benefit from a lifetime of complimentary hybrid diagnostic check ups whenever a problem occurs from your hybrid vehicle! as long as you service your ride @ every 10,000 km interval with us. To save you the money and the frustration from getting unnecessary repairs for your vehicle, choose the easy way with a hybrid specialist diagnostic report.

( Lexus RX450 hybrid undergoing a full hybrid diagnostic scan)

3) Lifetime Complimentary JDM Factory Software Updates

As mentioned earlier, you can get the latest up to date system software running on your hybrid vehicle with the original factory software updates for Lexus, Honda and Toyota Hybrid Models. This will keep your hybrid vehicle functioning properly as well as in its optimum condition!

*Lifetime on vehicle registered under the program

Hybrid Battery Service benefits in the program: 4) Special Priority and Rebates for Hybrid Battery Replacement Services

As a Battery Protect Member, you would be able to enjoy priority replacement services, as well as special member rebates from our dedicated hybrid battery replacement services.

Furthermore, you can use your initial membership fee to offset the cost of the replacement on your Hybrid Battery Pack in the future!

(e.g If you require a Toyota Hybrid Battery replacement with cost S$ 3,900, you can use your membership fee of S$200 to offset your cost of the replacement service in the future!

5) Extended Warranty Terms for Hybrid Battery Replacement Services!

As a Battery Protect Member, you would be eligible for an extended warranty duration of 1 more year and 25,000 km mileage on any hybrid battery replacement service from our specialists. Giving you better assurance and greater confidence on your hybrid vehicle's hybrid battery.

Take advantage of these benefits to give your hybrid the best protection it deserves! You can call to enquire about our membership at 6352 9268 (Sin Ming)

One time Membership rate for lifetime access on different hybrids:

For all hybrid owners, you can join as a member with a one-time sign up fee on the vehicle

Lexus Hybrids Owners: S$ 500

Toyota Hybrids Owners: S$ 300

Honda Hybrids Owners: S$ 300

Member requirements

To continue to retain these member benefits, you simply need to service your hybrid vehicle at the factory recommended intervals at our specialist service center where we can professionally protect and maintain your hybrid vehicle and its hybrid battery while we service your car.

If you have any friends & family with hybrid vehicles, please share our promotion to spread the word to them. Thank you!

* We carry out detail system scan for every routine service to ensure that your hybrid vehicle perform optimally. Battery pack temperature, voltage, vehicle state of health data will be monitored.

Directions to go to the Hybrid Specialist Center can be found in the link below