• the hevshop team

Just Bought a Pre-owned Car? Reasons to conduct a Post-purchase Evaluation

Updated: Aug 24

Buying a pre-loved hybrid car is a good and affordable option in the current market. There are many choices for Lexus hybrids, Honda and Toyota hybrids that you can get at a very good price (depreciation of 5-9k range) and still have the benefit of saving on petrol costs.

However, many still know that after buying a pre-owned car, you may have to look out for additional repair costs for parts that need replacing due to wear and tear.

Unless your pre-owned car comes with a reliable service history record (preferably from the authorized dealer), you will never know the exact history and true mileage of your pre-owned vehicle. A post-purchase evaluation coupled with a complete full service to your preowned vehicle is necessary for setting your mind at ease.