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Here’s how our Lexus Servicing Specialists Replace the Lexus CT200h Hybrid Battery

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Always wondered how the hybrid battery pack replacement process is carried out? How long does it take? These questions will be answered by the team at hevshop, one of SG's leading hybrid specialists who will take you on this simple journey to show you how this cost-efficient simple process is carried out on this Lexus CT200h.

Hybrid Specialist Job of the Day: Lexus CT200h

It usually starts with these infamous words...

When you get this on your screen, it usually means your hybrid battery is at the end of the road. This may result in being charged a tidy sum f you visit the agent/ authorized dealer, as well as having to wait for the battery stock to arrive. But not to worry,  all it takes is just 4 simple steps for these hybrid specialists to give your hybrid a new life AND do it at a cost-friendly fee.

Step 1. Lexus Hybrid first undergoes a Hybrid Diagnostic Scan

 ( Hybrid System original factory scanner)

Similar to an X-ray scan at the doctors, a hybrid diagnostic scan is first carried out using Lexus original factory software. This gives the lead technician information about the hybrid battery condition as well as any other underlying issues in the hybrid system. Hevshop relies on technology to be precise in their diagnosis, eliminating any unnecessary repair costs to the owner.

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