Lexus RX450h Hybrid Battery Replacement

Updated: Jun 21

Hybrid Specialist Job of the Day: Lexus RX450h hybrid system diagnosis and remanufactured battery replacement

One of the benefits that Lexus Hybrid Owners can enjoy is the new Lexus remanufactured Battery Pack Programme. The cost of a Remanufactured Battery is LESS THAN HALF of a New RX450h hybrid battery pack. This gives the customer tremendous cost savings to enjoy driving their hybrid and not worry about maintenance costs! 

The Lexus Hybrid Battery Remanufactured Programme is not done without our Lexus Original Factory Diagnostic Software. This ensures the Hybrid Battery is working properly in perfect condition. it also allows us to do a full hybrid system check that can't be done elsewhere! 

Check out the huge hybrid battery pack compartment that the Newly Remanufactured

 hybrid battery will be placed into.

Hevshop gives a dedicated hybrid battery warranty for all its hybrid batteries. They have unparalleled success in hybrid Battery Replacement for Lexus, Toyota and Honda Hybrids. 

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