Taking Care of your Private Hire Vehicle: 3 Things You Should Know

Updated: Mar 26

A private hire vehicle is driven much more on a daily basis. To put things in perspective, a private hire vehicle clocks more than 10,000km in a month. Compared to normal car drivers which drive an average of 25,000km a year. Because of this, private hire drivers and private hire fleet owners should place more emphasis on taking care of their cars. Here are 3 things which can be done to reduce your maintenance costs and prolong the life of your vehicle.

1. Maintaining your car in the optimal condition

Taking proper care of your vehicle might mean paying slightly more on your monthly servicing costs, but this short term investment would lead to longer term benefits such better fuel efficiency, greater durability and less costly repairs in the future. As private hire drivers have high usage of their vehicles, wear and tear parts would wear out much faster. If these parts are not properly replaced, it could lead to vehicle operation safety issues. If you are driving a hybrid vehicle, do make sure your workshop knows what specialty parts have to be maintained properly such as the hybrid system and hybrid battery components.

2. Cultivate good driving habits as they can save you money

One common point missed by many is the cultivation of good driving habits. Driving smoothly and not braking or accelerating aggressively is also important as a preventative measure. Rough handling and abrupt acceleration can lead to premature parts failure. Lastly, if you are driving a hybrid vehicle, do take note to leave your car ventilated and not parked under the hot sun for prolonged periods of time as heat damage will affect the health of your hybrid battery. Do drop by our servicing centre to learn more about taking care of your vehicle!

3. Ensure that your vehicle is fitted with the proper sized wheels and parts

Although many drivers like to "upgrade" their cars, this may not do their vehicles good over the long run. Upsizing of rims or overextended wheels may influence vehicle handling capability and may result in disputes with your insurance provider. Do speak with our consultants if you want to know more about the proper factory specifications for your vehicle.

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