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Tips for Honda Vezel Hybrid Maintenance, Other Hybrid I-DCD Models apply Vezel/Shuttle/Freed/Fit..

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

The hevshop team would like to provide some useful tips for Honda Vezel hybrid owners to maintain their cars better. Call us to learn more details and let our advisors help you better

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Dual Clutch Actuator fluid flush and change @ every 20,000 km

Based on local driving conditions, it is best to change at these recommended intervals as the clutch actuator works doubly hard. In addition, there is also moisture build-up. The fluid boiling points are first to read and recorded before the change

The picture above shows the overheated clutch fluid leaking from the actuator circuit. There is also deposit build-up from the clutch wearing out from aggressive driving.

Transmission fluid DW-1 @ every 30,000 km

Best to replace at these recommended intervals due to the temperature build-up in the transmission and heat transfer from the dual-clutch assembly during heavy traffic (causing the vehicle to continuously stop and start).

Brake System fluid flush and change @ every 2 years or 60,000 km

As the brake systems are equipped with ABS, VSA, and EPB and integrated with the Honda Sensing system, a fresh fluid change will prevent you from costly brake part replacements and repairs. This will also keep the internal hydraulic moving parts in optimal form, improving their reliability.

Cooling System Flush and Coolant change @ every 3 years or 100.000 km

The same reasoning as the above, the fresh coolant keeps the components in the system functioning well, thus reducing maintenance. This will benefit the owner in the long term.

contact us at m: 83727777

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