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Maintenance Tips for your Toyota C-HR Hybrid Battery & System

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Most concerns of hybrid car owners are around the costly hybrid battery pack. The important thing to care about pertaining to this is the temperature of your hybrid system which is the same as your body temperature.

The temperature is well regulated by the battery pack cooling system which consists of a cooling fan blower with an intake filter for Toyota Hybrids. (Other hybrids or electric vehicles are maintained by liquid cooling or tapping on the vehicle’s air conditioning system)...

This is the area where most maintenance personnel overlook, hence causing premature failure

(image credited to Toyota Motor Europe)

Hevshop technicians ensure the following for your vehicle

- your hybrid battery pack cooling system is clean with free flow of air

- hybrid system data regularly monitored

- hybrid battery health status assessed and tested to ensure that all hybrid systems & components are functioning correctly...

during your routine maintenance service

Routine servicing of your hybrid vehicle is more than just conducting the normal routine oil change. It also requires proper hybrid system care.

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