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Toyota Vehicle Airbag Recall: Check Your Chassis Number Now!

Updated: May 23, 2020

The hevshop team would like to inform all Toyota Vehicle owners that there has been an airbag recall which has affected quite a number of models as described below. For the safety and security of you and your loved ones, we urge you to check if your vehicle's chassis is under the affected list.

1. What is the recall about?

The recall is about the air bag control systems in the vehicle. Either the (1) Accelerator sensor or (2) the pressure sensor in the internal circuit has been inappropriately manufactured. This would result in the airbag warning light being inproperly lit and the airbag not operating properly during a crash. In situations of car collision, the inability of an airbag to deploy would definitely have an impact on the safety and security of those in the vehicle.

2. Which vehicles affected with the airbag problem?

Unfortunately, many vehicles and types of vehicles were affected by this issue. The Alphard, Vellfire, Prius, Sienta, Noah, Voxy and Esquire were all affected. A total of more than 74,000 vehicles worldwide are affected with this issue. (Full list and link to Toyota.jp recall bulletin is included at the end of the post. Make sure your website translator function is turned on if you are unable to read the japanese text. )

( Screenshot of the recall website bulletin, translated by Microsoft Translate Extension feature)

3. What is the necessary solution to the problem?

Vehicles under the chassis numbers shown on the list (down below) would have to get the airbag sensor and airbag software checked using original Toyota Software and parts replaced if needed. (Hevshop is equipped with the software and will be able to provide the service for all including its own warranty customers).

Chassis numbers of the affected vehicles:

Alphard & Vellfire: (37,500 Vehicles Affected)

AGH30-0022877 to AGH30-0048179

AGH35-0004668 to AGH35-0008116

AYH30-0010907 to AYH30-0022545

GGH30-0004365 to GGH30-0009377

GGH35-0001930 to GGH35-0003375

Prius: (18,100 Vehicles Affected)

ZVW50-6000001to ZVW50-6006621

ZVW50-8000001to ZVW50-8004701

ZVW51-6000001to ZVW51-6002226

ZVW51-8000001to ZVW51-8001699

ZVW55-8000001to ZVW55-8003463

Sienta : (10,800 Vehicles Affected)

NCP175-7000007 to NCP175-7002387

NHP170-7000025 to NHP170-7018445

NSP170-7000023 to NSP170-7013040

NSP172-7000007 to NSP172-7000364

Noah, Voxy & Esquire: (7,200 Vehicles Affected)

ZRR80-0130226 to ZRR80-0171289

ZRR85-0032795 to ZRR85-0042689

ZWR80-0115927 to ZWR80-0155716

ZRR80-0130248 to ZRR80-0171307

ZRR85-0032792 to ZRR85-0042659

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Link to the original recall bulletin : https://toyota.jp/recall/2018/0131.html

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