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Vezel Dashboard Meter issues: Check if yours is affected

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

There has been another new Vezel Service Campaign issued by Honda after the first one. This time it is regarding the Meter Information Display (MID) on the dashboard being affected by some issues due to software problems.

At the request of some hevshop customers, we have decided to share these 2 issues to create awareness of the problem affecting your Vezel.

1. Vezel Meter Information Display (MID) Issue on Dashboard

What is this service campaign about?

Honda has issued this campaign to fix a potential flaw in the software system on the instrument panel. This flaw in the software has resulted in information not being displayed correctly on the dashboard Meter information display (MID).

This happens in "Sport Mode" of your Vezel. In which the Engine RPM indicator shown on the right side does not appear on the information display.

This is supposed to happen when you press the "Sport" button near the gear shift.

( Switching into Sport mode should display the Engine RPM meter on the ride side of the meter information display MID)

The photo below shows a screenshot of the information provided by Honda regarding the problematic issue. However as it is all in Japanese, we have decided to help translate the problem for our Singaporean Vezel Hybrid owners. The link to Honda Japan's site can be found here. http://www.honda.co.jp/recall/auto/campaign/160930.html

( Vezel Service Campaign initiated on Honda.Jp's website)

Which cars are affected?

A total of 8,094 Vezels are affected with this issue as mentioned on Honda's website.

The Vezels affected are currently only Vezel Hybrids and the petrol version is unaffected.

Chassis numbers affected:

RU3-1200021 ~ RU3-1208152

If your vehicle's chassis number falls within the chassis number range of between RU3-1200021 to RU3- 1208152, it would mean that your Vezel hybrid is affected with this meter display issue

How to fix this:

Honda's solution to the problem is to perform a software update on your Vezel Hybrid. This will allow Honda to rewrite the Meter information Display program and update it accordingly such that the issue will not occur anymore.

Unfortunately in Singapore, the Vezel Hybrid is a parallel imported vehicle, which means that Vezel Hybrid owners in Singapore will not be able to get the software update easily.

An easy way out:

For those of you who would like to update your Vezel Hybrid to get rid of this problem, we have good news for you!

At the request of our hevshop customers, hevshop has managed to acquire the software update to perform on the Vezel hybrid to rectify this issue. This is because as hybrid specialists we are equipped with Honda's Original Factory Software.

If you are a Hevshop Vezel Hybrid Warranty customer, you would be entitled to free software updates such as the one above, for lifetime on your vehicle.

Due to the request of some Vezel Hybrid owners who are not in our Hevshop warranty programme, we have decided to extend this software upgrade service to benefit them too.

We are able to perform such a task for your affected Vezel Hybrid for a service fee of S$ 80. This will allow you to get your Vezel Hybrid's system software updated to the newest software provided by Honda.

2. Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) Software Issue:

Yet another software issue we would like to bring to Vezel owner's attention is the vehicle stability assist system software issue.

This problem mentioned by Honda affects more than 14,000 Vezel Hybrids !

The problem has been said to affect the cornering and braking of vehicle due to the VSA software not performing correctly.

Vezels affected by this VSA software problem are those that fall between the chassis numbers below Chassis numbers affected: RU3-1200021~RU3-1214074

A quick solution:

For those who own Vezel Hybrids which fall into this problem, we are able to carry out the software programming to solve this problem for a promotional fee of S$ 120 (U.P S$ 350)

This will allow you to have the peace of mind to drive safely on our Singapore roads with your loved ones. For those who want to learn more information about the VSA update, you can check out our earlier post here too. http://www.hevshop.com/single-post/2017/01/18/Vezel-Service-Campaign-initiated-by-Honda-What-you-should-know

Bundle offer for the above 2 issues:

For those of you who have unfortunately been affected by the above 2 problems, we can specially provide you with a special bundle rate of S$ 150 (U.P $ 430) to fix both problems for you. (Limited time only)

Make an appointment with our specialists:

To those who would like to book a specialist appointment slot to rectify these issues you can do so at the link below. Simply choose the appropriate service you wish to book for.

1. VSA Software update for Vezel Hybrid

2. MID Software update Fix for Vezel Hybrid

3. VSA & MID Software update for Vezel hybrid The booking link is below:

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