What you must check before you purchase a pre-loved hybrid car

Updated: Mar 26

With the COE still in the high range for Singapore, it seems more practical to purchase a pre-loved car instead of looking for a brand new one. (Due to lower upfront costs as well as smaller loan amounts).

However, many still know that after buying a second-hand car, you may have to pay additional repair costs for parts that need replacing due to wear and tear.

For those of you thinking of buying a pre-owned hybrid vehicle, the hevshop team would like to give you some pointers to check to ensure that the ride you're buying would last you a long time (Even worthy of renewing COE). So that you can enjoy those hybrid vehicles perks of saving the fuel costs without having to pay more on repairs.

1. Check the health of the hybrid battery

The heart of the hybrid vehicle is its most important part. And that is the hybrid battery pack. A pre-owned hybrid that has a hybrid battery that has lasted 6-7 years should get its condition evaluated to check if it is still in optimum condition. However it may be difficult to evaluate the vehicle as you would need specialist tools and diagnostics to scan the hybrid battery pack.

Using special hybrid diagnostic tools

At hevshop, hybrid specialists use the manufacturer's diagnostic software to check temperature, voltage and resistance of the hybrid battery pack by its individual modules. Hevshop specialists use a special load test on the battery to determine its actual working condition.

This will help you to find out the precise condition of your hybrid battery pack. Hence you would have greater access to information that would allow you to decide on whether the hybrid car you wanted to purchase is safe as well as giving you greater assurance of it working properly.

2. Check the hybrid cooling system

At most times, the hybrid vehicle's hybrid battery does not last long due to exposure to unnecessary and excess heat deteriorating it faster.

To prevent your hybrid battery from taking on unnecessary heat damage, the second most important thing to check in the hybrid vehicle is whether the hybrid cooling system is functioning properly. This will allow you to ensure that your hybrid battery pack can last a long while. This is especially important as damage done to the hybrid battery by heat is irreversible. A quick check using the manufacturer's diagnostic software can provide you with the information about the hybrid cooling system.

3. Evaluation of other special hybrid components

The hevshop team is able to further evaluate other hybrid components of the hybrid system ( e.g Front motor test, hybrid transmission test, high voltage cable inspection) such that you can have the full assurance of driving a safe vehicle without having to worry about repair costs popping up to you.

Full Pre-purchase Hybrid Evaluation Service

Thinking of purchasing that pre-loved Lexus Hybrid but unsure of the repair costs and state of the vehicle? We encourage you to use our full hybrid evaluation service which would allow our hevshop team to help inspect the hybrid vehicle on your behalf. A detailed Evaluation & Diagnostic report will be given to you once the service is completed.

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