What You Need To Know About The Honda Vezel Recall

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Earlier this year 2020, there were numerous cases of fire-related to the control systems of Honda vehicles. Honda factories have then issued a safety recall to the Vezel 1.5 Petrol Model (Recall No. 3797) way back in April 2016, and many vehicles still having the issue unresolved

It all started with smoke in the cabin

Why it happened ​Your Honda Vezel comes with a vehicle engine start-stop system, that switches your engine off when your car is stationary. The problem began when the capacitor in the buck booster converter unit used to control this feature was deemed inadequate. This created a genuine risk of generating heat in the idling stop system, which would result in fires. Anyone with the affected vehicles should get them changed immediately.

Where it affects It affects the buck booster converter, a component situated on the left under the dash. This is the reason why there are cases of vehicles catching fire being reported.

...And ended up with the whole car catching fire

Have you checked if your Vezel is in the affected list? Affected vehicles have a chassis number starting with RU1 to RU2 The hybrid version is not affected as their chassis numbers start with RU3 RU1-1000020 ~ RU1-1022560 2013 December 10 - 2015 March 31, RU1-1100001 ~ RU1-1118053 2015 April 17 - 2016 February 13, RU2-1000009 ~ RU2-1003310 2013 December 12 - 2015 March 30, RU2-1100001 ~ RU2-1101777 2015 April 17 - 2016 February 12,

The list above is taken from the honda website


Solutions If your car is in the affected list, you will require to replace the buck-boost converter unit. The extent of the vehicles being affected are many and some Vezel owners may have trouble sourcing for the available parts required and the fire risk remained. To keep your car safe and prevent it from the risk of fires, you can also book an appointment @ our hevshop website and get the part replaced or a free check on your car status. We at hevshop provide the buck-boost charge-discharge converter replacement and original Honda diagnostics service. Tel: 6352 9268 HP: 8338 6197