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Why is C-HR Toyota Safety Sense Calibration important?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

One important safety feature that is often neglected is the Toyota Safety Sense System.

The C-HR’s Toyota safety sense protects the passengers inside the vehicle through the camera system near the rearview mirror and the radar system situated behind the emblem.

However, this system usually requires calibration after a windshield replacement or a collision involving the vehicle.

The picture below shows the latest Toyota safety Sense system with LTA (Lane Tracing Assist)

and was designed to reduce driver strain and increase convenience

The forward camera and millimeter-wave radar sensor have to sit precisely where the factory intends them. If there is a replacement of windshield, suspension, wheel alignment, or vehicle body repair, this may cause the calibration to be off and will not work correctly even if you are not seeing a warning light.

Position and angle are important because the millimeter-wave radar sensor is supposed to “see” about 490 feet ahead of itself within a 20-degree horizontal plane and a 4-degree vertical one, which “pretty much covers the lane in front of you,

A misaligned camera or radar sensor could definitely endanger the system's operation and may cause an accident or injury. As it is fully integrated into the vehicle power and braking system.

The systems can malfunction without immediately creating a fault code or warning and are often invisible to scan tools.

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