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Why odometer reading should not be your sole concern for buying pre-owned

A preowned vehicle purchase experience:

An owner of a recent purchased preowned vehicle had wanted to get his vehicle serviced as he wished to find out what repairs were needed for his car.

The vehicle’s mileage reading was close to 35k. However, when the owner retrieved his service booklet, it came as a surprise when the last service recorded a year ago was 137k+.

Why odometer reading should not be your sole consideration

The meter reading has always been a way for evaluating one’s car purchase.

The above incorrect odometer reading makes it hard for the maintenance shop to explain whenever the pre-owned vehicle was not performing the way it should.

Vehicle manufacturer maintenance schedules are tied to the actual mileage travelled. But at times the faults developed are not consistent with the reading display.

Understanding the mindset of a seller

Sellers would want to max out the value and get the best price for their vehicles.

They would want to give potential buyers the best overall impression, so looks can be deceiving.

Although they are discerning buyers, many gave in and relied solely on the low attractive odometer reading even though they knew it may not be wise to do so.

The low reading could have been a change of faulty instrument or some other reasons unless it is supported with a reliable service record and consistent with the vehicle condition.

Odometer can be easily calibrated even though manufacturers have put in place tamper proof measures.

Seller can always put in new tires, battery and valeting inside out, changing high touch area wear and tear parts to make the vehicle look younger.

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