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At hevshop, we understand your

Hybrid Electric Vehicle  (HEV)




Signs and Symptoms  that your Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) requires maintenance



  • The only noticeable symptoms of a deteriorating hybrid battery pack are a reduction in acceleration power and increase in fuel consumption.

  • You will notice rapid charging and discharging rate of your battery pack.
    Engine (ICE) will turn on more frequently than usual. 


  • Moreover the deteriorating battery pack will not trigger the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) until it is too late. This is when your hybrid battery pack is reaching the end of its lifespan.



Hybrid battery packs need special care



  • Hybrid battery pack lifespan is generally shortened by excessive heat generated.

  • Battery pack modules already damaged by extreme heat cannot be reversed.


  • Prolong driving with an under performed or deteriorated Hybrid battery pack causes issues to other Hybrid parts, such as the costly inverter and converter etc.




 Our Solution to Your Needs



We will assist and provide you with proper care and maintenance of your hybrid car battery pack.


  • We provide Brand new battery pack replacements.


  • Factory hybrid battery pack promotion. Call us for pricing.

  • We provide a cost-friendly alternative of a premium quality re-manufactured battery pack.

  • We provide additional cooling systems to your hybrid battery pack to prolong your battery's lifespan by reducing the working temperature for optimal performance 



A hybrid battery pack is the heart of your hybrid system, without it working optimally, other hybrid components of the car can be affected.


Call us and schedule an appointment @  8338 6197 

or book an appointment with us online!


Prevent damage to your other important Hybrid Components if symptoms are recognized early!

Hybrid Battery Price Guide

New Toyota/ Lexus Hybrid Battery Pack Available

From $ 2980.00 onwards up to $ 9000.00 **

Nickel metal hydride and Lithium-ion Original Hybrid Battery Pack 

Toyota Hybrid Model:
Prius, Prius Alpha, Prius C, Aqua, Axio


Lexus Hybrid Model:
Lexus CT, ES, GS, LS, RX, NX


All Original Hybrid Battery Pack Come With Two Years Warranty


New Honda Nickel or Lithium Battery Pack

From $3000.00 up to $6800.00**

Honda Hybrid Model:
Civic, CRZ, Insight, Vezel, Shuttle, Fit

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Battery Price Guide
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